Helen Mannix

Strata Manager

A little about me

Helen Mannix manages the strata portfolio at Helen Hughes Property. Helen has lived and worked on the Central Coast for 30 years. Helens career has been in the insurance industry and Strata Management.

Helen learned that her favourite shop is Bunnings and worked out that it is because, solutions are found there. This is the very reason Helen enjoys Strata Management, there is so much scope to solve problems and this is incredibly rewarding.

Helen was raised to always look out for those less fortunate than herself and this has led to her volunteering in several different areas.

Helen serves her clients in the manner she would wish to be served. Having managed strata schemes for over 10 years and having lived in Strata complexes, Helen understands what it is like to be an owner in an Owners Corporation and the relationship to the Strata Manager.

Helen has managed 2 lot schemes through to schemes with more than 100 lots and has experienced challenges and satisfaction in both. It is Helens wish to combine her knowledge and experience to deliver the best service to her employers clients.


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