Why us?

Why Mi Property Group to manage your Asset?

When looking for a property manager there are a number of important areas to consider. Not only are there costs involved but its always important to choose an agent who is going to protect the value of your asset through tenant selection, regular inspections and management of repairs and maintenance.

At Mi Property Group, our personal experience of being landlords means that we understand exactly what it takes to have an investment property that attracts great tenants and then we know how to find those quality tenants and keep them!

You may at some stage consider, can I do this myself?

There are a number of reasons why the value of this service outweighs the cost.

Other than saving you time and potential stress involved in managing the process you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a professional looking after your investment for you.

Selecting a good property manager is key as they will use their experience and industry knowledge to protect the value of your investment.

Just some of the important areas for consideration are listed below:


At Mi Property Group your property manager will conduct rent reviews to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of rental income possible.  As your rent increases, so too will the capital value of your property – these reviews are essential to your investment’s success.

In NSW you’re permitted to review and raise the rent of your property every six months. It is in your best interest to ensure that your property’s rental price is always kept in line with the market.


Property is not a set-and-forget investment. Repairs and maintenance more often than not do pop up. Your property manager will take care of all repairs and maintenance, ensuring your property is kept in good condition and your tenants happy by quickly responding to requests and fixing problems.

We employ a comprehensive property inspection strategy to ensure your investment is protected – an initial 3 month in-depth inspection, followed by ongoing comprehensive inspections every 6 months.

Regular property inspections is another way of ensuring your property stays in good shape. checking that your tenants are taking good care of the home, and that it does not require maintenance.

With industry contacts we can even save you money to get discounts on tradesmen and materials.


Your property manager will protect the value of your investment by thoroughly screening all tenancy applications to select only the most trustworthy and reliable renters. That way you’ll save money on maintenance, as well as avoiding vacancies.


At Mi Property Group we offer technology that gives you and your tenant real time access to all aspects of your property management including rent payments, inspection status and lease renewal dates. This technology offers clear and concise Landlord reporting and end of financial year statements